That’s because it isn’t really about the dance, though EDMs will tell you it is, but more about the... The thought that there is an answer to combat Alzheimer’s disease is promising. How it affects millions of families is mind-boggling because the cost of memory care for a patient with this illness is exorbitant and there aren’t enough available beds to treat the... The risks to young adults in succumbing to drug use are rampant across the country. Depending on the area or state, certain substances will trend more than others. And for a person under 21 years of age, the operative word in this is trend.

When you take the complexities of gender and sociology – and add substance use disorder to the mix – it’s like throwing a wrench in an already rusty machine. Contending with perfectionism, a struggle for autonomy, or whatever your upbringing may have programmed you to wrestle with, can make getting out of bed in the morning overwhelming. It’s hard enough as it is, but when you become addicted to drugs and alcohol, a productive day suddenly becomes any day in which there are sufficiently available intoxicants. By the time you arrive in rehab – whether you identify as cisgender or non-binary – the shame of “not being enough” (because you’re not doing enough) is off the charts. Over the past few years, “systems of care” have been developed. There are frameworks that involve collaboration across government and private agencies, providers, families, and youth.

How Does Medical Detox Work?

While my reframing holidays in early recovery has been anything but perfect, I can say that my stay at Scottsdale Recovery was by far the best choice I've ever made! If ever there is a time when we are asked this question, it is now. As Thanksgiving approaches, it signals the time of the year when we are reminded about all of the things in life we are thankful for.

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It doesn’t matter what other people are doing; if it doesn’t help you, it’s superfluous. When we’re overwhelmed and overstimulated, we need less. Prioritizing isn’t a free pass to do nothing, but a way to get back to the basics. The holidays are an incredibly stressful time, but they don’t have to be. Instead, keep these tips in mind as you head into the season, so you can relax and truly enjoy your time with loved ones. Decrease your stress and embrace holidays filled with love, joy and most importantly, peace.

Should the United States Follow New Canadian Youth Drug Addiction Program?

It can take hold of your and consume it in an instant. No one wakes up and says “today I will be an addict.” That’s because addictions make everything else in life seem trivial. With so much debate over the use of cannabis a.k.a. marijuana, it stands to reason that people will wonder if the use of cannabis can lead to harsher and more illicit drugs. Cannabis is the botanical or genus term; marijuana is the street... USE YOUR INSURANCE TO COVER THE COST OF DRUG AND ALCOHOL TREATMENT One of the main concerns many people face after the decision to go into rehab is how the cost for the treatment will be covered.

  • There will be other holidays to take part in — only if you honor where you are in recovery in the moment.
  • If you ask most Americans today the question, “Do you believe in God?
  • On St. Patty’s Day, you and your friends in recovery can get together to cook, watch movies, and even make alcohol-free drinks with some green coloring to get into the holiday spirit.
  • Thankfully, Scottsdale Recovery can guide you every step of the way.
  • For today’s episode, Chris and Danny talk about the various misconceptions that society and families have about helping people with addictions.

One of the major achievements you can have as an addict is kicking the habit of using substances and committing to a lifetime of therapy. You should be proud of the goals you have reached thus far, but know that there is still work to do up ahead. Seeing a therapist for the first time can provoke anxiety for many people, so if you are one of them, don’t worry. The feeling of seeing a stranger who will have access to your thoughts, personal information and other problems can be... Substance abuse is an issue that can affect anyone despite the boundaries of countries, ethnicity, gender, caste, religion, etc.

How To Deal With Insomnia In Recovery

It's Time To Talk Day and we are here for it! The day was founded to open up discussion around mental health and the importance of reaching out to others. We are all human and all go through things that can test our limits and need to know it’s okay to talk about... … and just like that, the spring season is upon us!

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